Friday, September 26, 2014



The Wordman said...

hedonia, incentive salience,
mesolimbic reward pathway,
qualia, the golden thread,
nopales, chollas, the goddess
is within, a word in edgewise,
cm cluster, mental hygiene,
intersigns, colour vispo,
networking is subjective,
foulards, girl crazy, fat
quarters, james k smith,
muslin, shibori, cause faith,
flour sack, kimberlin cats,
picotage, papadakis, toile,
farmall, damask, shirting
sconce, peel it away, moire,
moda luna notte bisque,
start a community garden,
mu-torere, delta vector,
wickiups, neither god nor
master, the time we spent,
speed time, zucoffee,
stained orange, hierophant,
solicitação de emprego, end
point vibratrion, eskidenberi,
tutturulmak, laiss coin
pas sommes, mustrissue,
godsgirls, postbeuys,

drosspriddle said...

Thanks Wordman!

drosspriddle said...

oops: *vibration
*and yeah, i had the same instinct with "mustrissue" but I think it actually says: "mnstrissue"
*(and I decided to let the autocorrect add the little tick to "moiré"